Thursday, March 24, 2011

Knitting Scarves

It's been an interesting day.  The weather was suppose to be rainy but was sunny instead so I spent some time out on the deck soaking up the rays and knitting.  I've been working a birthday present for my sister.  Around 4 pm I heard the coyotes across the street yipping and a'whailing, after a deer or something.  Thus began the rush to get all the pets inside and to close the pet door so the dog wouldn't run outside and get  into a fight.  Shorting after that, back out on the deck knitting was I, when I heard this sound that been bugging this last week.  It was a quick rat-tat-tat-tat on something metal.  I went to investigate I noticed a flicker pounding it's peak on the metal roof of the shop.  Stupid bird.  I went back to knitting only to be interrupted by that same sound, only this time the flicker was pounding it's beak against the satellite dish.  I usually like to discourage my cat from killing birds, but in the case of this flicker, I wouldn't mind if she caught.  After chasing off the flicker again I decided it was time to go inside where nature couldn't distract me.  That and the shadow from the house had almost covered the deck, blocking out the nice warm spring sun.

Tomorrow is laundry day, me thinks, them the weekend when I will hopefully meet up with a friend for coffee.  But since I haven't heard from all week to get a time and place I'm starting to think I may be in need of finding something else to do this weekend.

Oh yes, I mustn't forget.  I got a skein for yarn this last weekend, 45% yak and 55% silk.  It's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait until I find the perfect pattern for it.

And speaking of knitting scarves and have an idea for one using the stitch pattern off of a sock pattern my mom found.  Might do that after I finish sister's birthday present (which involves making a lace scarf).  Thinking though I need to make that lace scarf for myself I've wanting to do.  And I started another lacey scarf for myself this week with sparkly yarn.  I'm in a lacey scarf kind of mood I guess.

I know this isn't about writing, but the real point was to get myself writing more and if I have to write about my day to do that, then so be it.  Maybe next time I actually do a writing prompt like I said I would.

Until next time (whenever that might be),

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I don't know what to write about today

So I thought I'd talk a bit about the book I'm currently reading.  It's The Greatest Show on Earth but Richard Dawkins.  It's a book about the evidence for evolution, which is fascinating and giving me a much more in-depth information on the Theory of Evolution.  The classes that I've taken where evolution was taught didn't have much time to discuss and taught it as fact that you had to accept to pass the class.  Not that I had any problem with that but Dawkins is specially trying to convince and prove to you the known facts about evolution.  He gives more detailed information so you can understand the theory better.

The writing its self is engaging which is nice since there's lots of technical terms used which can get really dull and boring if not done right.  My only complaint is that sometimes Dawkins wanders all over the place and I can't quite follow what he's talking about.

It's a good book and one you should definitely pick up if you want to learn more about evolution.

Until next time,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Micro Fiction

Today I'm going to talk about micro fiction.  What is micro fiction?  Well, micro fiction, or flash fiction as it's also known, is a type of fiction writing where you have a very limited amount of words to write a full story, 1000 words or less.

I first came across micro fiction in a college creative writing class.  One of the required books was called Micro Fiction and contained stories of 250 words or less.  We then had an assignment to write a story in exactly 100 words.  I would like to share the story I wrote but I can't seem to find it.  I think it's saved to another computer.

From that exercise we did in that class and became more interested in micro fiction and eventually came up with a project for it on my own.  It's called 52 Dragons, 52 stories about dragons told in only 52 words each.  I haven't finished it yet, but I plan too.  So here are a couple on those stories that I have written.
Snout Fire

       Snout Fire was a bright green medium sized dragon with yellow stripes and an impressive frill.  He could spit poison, at least one hundred yards.  The brave knight Sir Kevin thought it only ninety yards.  He thought he stood at a safe enough distance to save the beautiful princess.  He thought wrong.

Death Fang

       He was the most feared dragon in all the land, but with a name like Death Fang it was kind of expected.  He was huge with glossy black scales and a glare that could melt steel.  You can imagine the surprise when they found him wearing a pink feather boa and lipstick.

The thing I like most about micro fiction is the forced limitation.  Having to tell a story in a very limited amount of words makes every one  of them count.  Often times with authors I find their stories too wordy.  They could tell the story in half as many pages and it'd be so much better cause they would get rid of all that unnecessary filler and descriptions that don't had anything to the story.  Wordiness in story is not always a good thing.

Well, that's it from me today. 
Until next time,