Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: First Assignment

Back in February I got a job as a knitter and designer with AK Kerani, an online fashion company.  It's just a start up so there hasn't been much work but I've finally begun on my first assignment.  I'm knitting three items for a fashion show.  One is my own design, the Red Rhody Scarf, which I made while visiting my sister in Rhode Island.  Another scarf is an AK Kerani design and then I've been given free reign in making a shawl.

I'm enjoying working on this shawl.

The yarn is Loops and Threads Impeccable.  It's my first time using this yarn and I really like it.  It's nice and soft and doesn't split easily and the colors are gorgeous.  The pattern's just a basic triangle shawl with stripes of stockinette, a lace mesh, and garter stitch.

In non knitting news, last night I tried to get a better look at a dark spot on my cat's chin, trying to determine what it was.  The cat went ballistic when I pulled her into my lap and tried to look at the spot.  She started to claw and bite me and it felt like one of her claws got caught in my skin at one point.  It was painful and I'm surprised I didn't bleed more then I did.  After I let her go she jumped up onto the cat tree and kicked the other cat off, and wasn't nice about it either.  I locked her out of the bedroom for the night.  She was much nicer to me when I let her back in in the morning.

Here's a picture of said cat being cute and cuddly while I was working on a baby blanket for Knit Wits last week.

Sometimes she can be nice.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mutant Bunny!

It's so cute!

Made for Amigurumi Challenge's first contest.  The contest is to customize a pattern, in this case one for a rabbit.  I added tentacles to the side of it's face, gave it multiple eyes and stitched the radioactive symbol on it's body.  Done in a nice glowing nuclear green.  I had too much fun with this.

Our dog wants this little thing so bad.  She just loves small stuffed animals, so I may make her a little bunny to call her own.  Maybe then she'll stop stealing my cat's crocheted mouse.

The Knitivity Shawl is done.  I've gotten the charts done for the pattern but still need to type up the rest of it.  I also haven't been able to get a decent picture of it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shawl Design

I volunteered to design a lace shawl for Knitivity back in January and I finally got the yarn for it last week. He may have forgotten he was going to send me yarn but a quick reminder and the yarn came in the mail two days later.  I immediately started working on the shawl.  First I did a gauge swatch and then I started test knitting stitch patterns.  Then there was a brief stint with google translater to try to figure out what part of a german pattern was for the edging.  I eventually figured it out and now I don't even think I'll use that edging.  I'm sure I'll use it in something else, it's a beautiful edging pattern.

I did one and a half days of test swatching before I decided to just start the shawl.  It's a half circle, which I've never done before.  The beginning of last week I started a circular shawl for myself and I liked the construction of it so much I wanted to try in just a half circle, not wanting to have to start in the middle of another shawl after the hour or so of trying to start the circular shawl.

I'm now at 193 stitches and row 82 and I'm loving how it's looking.

After the next increase row I'm going to do three repeats of the stitch pattern then put the whole thing on a lifeline, take it off the needles to measure the size and then decide what to do from that point.

I should probably start typing up the pattern as I have it so far, and find out how to make the charts it will need.  When it's done it will be available through Knitivity and I'll let all of you know when that is.

Now to get back to knitting.