Monday, May 23, 2011


I am writing a blog post!

I know it's been awhile.  Oh well, sucks to be you to be without my blog posts for so long.  I'm assuming there's someone desperately waiting for me to update this otherwise I'll just feel like it's pointless and stop posting to it.  Maybe some people would be happy with that.

So no writing from me.  Absolutely none.  Plenty on knitting.  I got the sister's birthday scarf with matching gloves done and she loved them.  And I knitted a baby blanket for Knit Wits.  And now I'm working on a blank for myself.  It's going to be pretty.

My nightmare cat has discovered a gopher nest and has killed two younger gophers already.  One of them had grass sticking out of it's cheek pouch.  And thus I learned more about gopher anatomy.  I just thought they stored food in incredibly large cheeks.  I did not know that they actually pouches over their cheeks.

Going to the beach this weekend.  Staying in a condo.  Maybe I'll get some writing done.  Oh, and I may have found an illustrator for the dragon book.  Maybe...

Ta ta for now,
Garnet Kimzey