Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Every OS sucks

I suppose everybody has a love hate relationship with computers.  You love them because they make your life easier.  You hate them because they never seem to work right, which makes you wonder why you ever loved them to begin with.  I've got some computer hate and love this week.


I have a Mac.  I also have a PC but it's getting up there in years and the hard drive makes a loud noise and is probably very close to a crash, so I use my Mac mostly.  When I got my Mac I pretty much looked right away for writing software for it, since Pages just seemed liked the hipsters Microsoft Word.  I had just started using yWriter5 when I switched computers.  It was only available for Windows.  Last night I discovered that there was a way to get the Linux version to run on a Mac.  It seemed simple, download this program then download yWriter and then use the first program to run yWriter.  So I did this and it didn't work.  No surprise there.  Things never work when they say they should.  Eventually it was 2am and I forced myself to give up.  In the morning after some sleep I went at it again and it still refused to work.  I looked back at the instructions asking myself if I downloaded the right program.  I quickly realized I needed to download an older version of the program I was trying to use to run yWriter.  Downloaded and installed the older version and low and behold it worked.  This makes me happy, but where did I save my yWriter projects.  I thought I transfered all my writing files on to the Mac.  Who knows what happened.  They're probably on my lost flash drive.



It's a game.  You play Deathspank, dispenser of justice, on a quest to get an ancient artifact called "The Artifact."  It's funny, graphics and music are great and the voice acting is superb.  There's lots of side quest you can do.  One being hammering poop out of demon imps to deliver to the farmer so he can fertilize his cherry trees.  It's hilarious.  And oh so fun.  And it only cost $15.  And there's a second game for when I beat the first one, and then there's another game after that that doesn't star Deathspank but has him in it.  That one's called The Baconing and it's potential awesomness seems extremely high.  Too bad I don't have more monies.

I seem to find myself getting back into gaming.  I blame my 3DS and Steam.  But it's turning out to not be such a bad thing.  I've been making friends online and have been able to play with the sister which makes those thousand of miles not seem so far away.

Till next time,

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to resurrect a dead blog

It's September, last post was in May.  I totally have a good excuse.

It was aliens...no kidnapped by bigfoot...no wait!  Time travel!  I time traveled into the future to help fight a zombie apocalypse.  Or maybe I traveled to a alternate universe to slay a dragon and save a handsome prince(who immediately married the princess he was betrothed too ):  )  Or maybe I did all of these things and more.  You have no proof that I didn't.

There was the fair last month.  I actually got paid this year to work at the fair.  Two days straight on entering entries in the computers.   Why does by butt hurt so much?  Oh, I broke my tailbone when I fell on my butt a week ago and sitting on hard plastic chair doing data entry wasn't good for it.  Then there was the judging, and entering in the results, and man, those quilters have a real attitude problem.  And then we put everything up on display.  Then the fair.  It was the hottest week the entire summer.  Walking the floor getting people to vote for the People's Choice Award for the quilts was sweateristic (now I know why they call sweaters sweaters.  It's cause they make you sweat, right?).  After my first shift doing this I stopped caring.  Why isn't there a people's choice for the other crafts in that building, like us knitters, or crocheters?  Finally the fair was over and we got to take everything down and give it all back.  Had almost 40 hours on my time card.  Yarn monies!

Now it's September and what next?  National Novel Writing Month that's what!  Well not next next, but next next?  I have a story I've been wanting to write for years but the plots never quite been all there.  Mostly character and world development but a wonderful idea struck me for it the other day.  Now I need to gather all the notes I already have and write some more so that I actually have a plan going into Nano.  I probably won't fail miserably if I actually know where I want the story to go.  This all assuming I can stop playing video games long enough to get anything done. (ha ha!)

Till next time (six months from now?)
Garnet Kimzey