Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Lace designs

The Double Diamonds scarf is bound off, but not blocked yet.  Finished pictures probably won't happen until sometime after the 7th.

With the scarf done I found myself wanting to knit lace and two designs I want to do.

The first one I'm going to do for the Ravellenic Games (formerly Ravelympics).  I got the design and chart drawn over teh weekend.  I also did a bit of test knitting and really liked how the pattern's going to look in the yarn I picked.  


It's going to be a sideways knit, shallow triangle shawl with a pretty edging and just plain stockinette for the main part of it.  The yarn is a skein I got when visiting my sister in Rhode Island.  It's Schaefer Yarn Company's Audrey in the Mary Walker Phillips colorway.  It's 50% merino/50% silk and feels absolutely lovely.  The picture came out dark so you can't see the colors quite how they are.  The colors in it are black, pink , blue, gray, and purple.  It's gorgeous knitted up.  I can't wait to cast on during the opening ceremony of the olympics.

The other shawl is one that's been in my head for a while and I've finally got it down.  I'm calling it the Gear Shawl for now and it will be my first circular shawl design.


I finallized all the design elements today, drawing up charts and figuring out the math and then I cast on.  The yarn is an unknown knitting machine yarn my mom gave me.  It's acrylic and I have no idea the yardage.  It's a pretty brown though and is perfect for this design.

Saturday I'm off to Banff, Alberta, Cananda with the parents, aunt, uncle, and cousin.  In Canada for Independence Day, but also Canda Day so I won't miss out on fireworks.  Staying in a  condo and I have no idea if I get a bed or what.  The aunt, uncle, and cousin have their own condo.  Somehow my aunt scored two free condos.  She's always finding amazing deals like that.  Won't be back till the 7th.  Looking forward to going somewhere I haven't been before.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well, It is WIP Wednesday

The scarf is coming along very slowly it seems.
It's over half way now, will probably try to finish it before Monday.

I've also bound off on the a shrug for Knit Wits.

I absolutely love the colors in this.  The fur yar worked so well with boucle and variegated yarn.  It's the first of many shrugs for Knit Wits.

That's all I've been working on recently.  Mindless, easy projects to take a break before my next lace shawl.  Which I should probably try to get started on sometime soon.

For Father's Day I went with the parents on a drive around Selkirk loop, which goes west into Washington, up  into Canada and then back down into Idaho.  I've always wanted to go around the Selkirk loop and was not disappointed.  It's a beautiful drive through mountains, valleys, and at on point a ferry ride across Kootenay Lake.  I got a few pictures, I didn't very many because I'm not much for taking pictures.  I don't particular care for looking at things from behind a camera.
A picture a got when stopped just for the view of the lake.
We also stopped at this lookout where I got this picture of the valley.
After the ferry ride we stopped at this artisan crafts area that feature things like weaving, glassblowing at the such.  We went in to the glassblowing and forge building.  There was nobody currently doing either but it was nice looking at the beautiful stuff they'd made.
I ended up get a beautiful snowflake copper and glass necklace.
And I got these gorgeous buttons.

Now to find the yarn and design to go with them. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Double Diamonds

It's another WIP Wednesday where I actually remembered it was Wednesday.  This weeks work in progress is a scarf I've designed and am knitting up for Knit Wits.


The yarn is Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly in the Silly Sprite color.  This is my most favorite baby yarn to work with.  I spotted someone making off with a couple of skeins of this color at last months Knit Wits meeting and was jealous I didn't get to it first.  So, when a skein showed up at this months meeting I snatched it up.


The scarf designs idea is lacey diamonds bordered my solid diamonds.


 I have to say I really like how it's looking, but the knitting's been slow going.  Sport weight yarn does not make for fast knitting.  Finally putting some noticeable lenght on it.  When it's done I plan on writing up the pattern and selling it on Ravelry.  See if I can make a little money.


I didn't get much sleep last night due to constant thunder.  Then while doing the dishes I broke my Bailey's Irish Cream glass and cut myself on it.  I'm going to go finish off that bottle of chocolate wine.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Purple Mystic Star

 Bound off the Mystic Star shawl on Monday, June 4.


My first circular shawl.


Here's a picture of it before blocking.

Pinned out.


After taking the pins and wires out.


And a pretty artsy picture of it.



I can't believe how beautiful it turned out.  The pattern is Mystic Star by Anna Dalvi.  The yarn I used was Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Silk Lace in the aubergine colorway.  It's got a diameter of 50 inches.  I couldn't quite get the 51 inches the pattern indicated.  Going to set this one aside to enter in the fair.  It's too gorgeous and perfect not to.


With the shawl out of the way I've been playing lots of Diablo 3 and working on Knit Wits stuff for my knitting.  I've got a scarf I'm working on right now.  Planning on writing up the pattern for it and trying to sell it.


And I made a cute cyborg octopus for a contest on DeviantArt.


It didn't win.