Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly Shopmas

I don't particularly care for Christmas shopping.  Possibly because I'm selfish and have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for people.  I find lots of stuff I want.  There's that joy when you find the perfect gift for someone but that doesn't seem to happen as often as it did when we first started celebrating Christmas.

Christmas shopping for my mom can be the hardest, it seems.  There's usually at least one gift we can figure out to get her.  That's the one she bugs us about.  But then trying to figure out what other things to get her can be difficult.  Chocolates, is obvious, and easy, but mom needs more than chocolates.  I do this shopping with my dad, who isn't very helpful.  We usually end up wandering around Fred Meyer, lost looks on our faces, going in circles around and around trying to figure what to get mom.

Today was that day.  I think we did better than previous years.  Dad, was of course lest than helpful. You'd think after what, 29 years, he'd figure out what mom likes.  I actually came up with some good stocking stuffer ideas, mostly food.  I like getting food in my stocking.  Now I'm exhausted and not wanting to do anymore shopping.  But I know there will be more.  There's going to be something we have to get and mom will probably drag me with her.

Also, found giant mouse/scratching pad.  It is awesome.  I hope the kitties love it.  If not, I can play with it.

Happy Winter Solstice!