Monday, July 9, 2012

Canada and the Cat

Got back from Canada on Thursday.  Would have liked to stay maybe a bit longer but I'm glad to be home.


The Canadian Rockies are just gorgeous.


I got to walk on a glacier and see the headwall of the Columbia Icefield.


We also visited Lake Louise but I found it a bit crowded for my liking.


Also saw some moutain sheep.


And I got a skein of Qiviuk which I'm going to use to make my hands very happy with a lacey pair of fingerless mitts.


I also got some work done on the my lastest shawl design the gear shawl.  Finished the small gear the first day when we spent the night at Fairbanks Hotsprings.


I had quite a bit fun, but it wasn't all good (my dad was an asshole for most of the trip) and on the way back home I got sick with a stomach flu my aunt and cousin had gotten the previous two days. Definitely going to go back some day, though probably not to Banff.  It's awfully crowed there.  


Friday my mom went to pick up the dog from the kennel.  A couple minutes before she got back my cat Lindy came meowing and limping into the living room and I promptly freaked out.  I got her to lay down and she was hissing and growling from the pain.  I couldn't tell if her foot was broken or what so when mom came home we got Lindy in her pet carrier and took her to the vet.  

The vet checked her out and then took x-rays of her leg to make sure there was no fracture. Thankfully nothing was broken but the vet still wasn't sure what was wrong.  Lindy either sprain something or there was a blood clot in her leg. Eek!  Blood clots are the worse.  We were sent home with some painkillers for her and directions to give her some baby aspirin.  She's already improved quite a bit and it looks like it was just a sprain.  She's been spending the last couple of days curled up on my blanket on a chair.


She just looks like she's in so much pain doesn't she. :)


With the trip, getting sick, and Lindy's injury I've been completely discombobulated.  Looking forward to getting back to my normal routine this week.

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